Try these 5 Steps to Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night:

You are just so tired mama.

I get it.

You love being a mom, but you’re exhausted from sleepless nights and anxiety over the bedtime battle.

You’ve tried everything you could think of, taken advice from others, and read all the right articles in parenting magazines, but still haven’t figured out what works for your child.

You just want to figure this sleep thing out so you can spend quality time with your son or daughter and stop feeling like the mean mom you think you’ve become....

Hi, I’m Tanya, your certified Sleep Sense™ consultant and the owner of Sleep Tight Little Tikes. I understand the struggle you are facing and the emotions you feel, because I’ve been through it with my own children. Read about "How I Survived the Sleepless Nights" here. Sleep Sense did wonders for my family. I was so moved by the program and passionate about helping others like me, I became a consultant.

The comprehensive training I underwent and interactive mentorship with Dana Obleman, the creator of Sleep Sense, has enabled me to help moms like you to get little tikes to sleep all night. Contact me today to take advantage of a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Let’s get you and your little tike some much needed rest.

End the bedtime battles.

Bedtime battles can leave parents feeling angry, frustrated, exhausted, and stressed. Both parents and children come to dread this time of day. But, bedtime doesn’t have to be torture.

By understanding the root cause of your child’s sleep struggles, we can come up with a plan so you can have peaceful sleep. The proven Sleep Sense™ methods I use work to get children to go to sleep and stay asleep for 10-13 hours per night. Often, this is possible within the first two weeks of implementing these methods.

My Sleep Tight All Night program supports you by showing you how to use the Sleep Sense™ method. Through membership support and comprehensive workshops, I help families take back the nights by teaching proven methods that work to get your little one (or older child) sleeping soundly through the night.

If you need more tailored services, my concierge package of private consulting gives you my undivided attention for 14 days so that we can assess your unique needs and implement an individualized plan of action.

My approach is simple.

  • You’ll get honest information about WHY sleep is so important for your child’s well-being.
  • You’ll receive an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that lets you make some choices about what is the right approach for your child.
  • You’ll learn what to expect and how to measure success. (No, you shouldn’t expect your child to sleep 12 uninterrupted hours on the first night — although it does happen!)

What is Sleep Sense?

The Sleep Sense™ Philosophy

A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. When parents entrust me as their child’s “sleep guide,” either through one-on-one consultations or workshops, they are placing a great deal of trust in me, and I want to let you know that I take this responsibility very seriously.

The Sleep Sense™ Method was created by Dana Obelman in 2003 out of a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. 

It places emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles. I’m happy to teach you how to effectively implement this method. You, as a parent, need to be comfortable with your new sleep plan for it to work for your child. I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. This method is effective because it lets you develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.