Night-time wakings, sleep-deprived tantrums, power struggles at bedtime...sound familiar mama?

You are not alone.

Hi, I’m Tanya, and I understand the struggles you are facing because I’ve been through it all with my own children. I am also a certified Sleep Sense consultant. The Sleep Sense method did wonders for my family and I know it can help yours too. Let's get you started on the path to sweet sleep!

Tackle your family's sleep struggles with my 5 Steps to Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night!

Sleep Tight Little Tikes helps:

Parents of Babies—who are struggling with unpredictable sleep patterns, night-time feeding schedules, and separation anxiety.

Parents of Toddlers & Preschoolers—who are fussing with little ones who are using every excuse, fear, or anxiety to stall their bedtime.

Parents of Older Children—who are dealing with kids who ignore warnings for bedtime, have problems disconnecting from devices, or would rather goof off than get to some rest.

I understand your struggles and I'm here to lend you my knowledge, skills, strength, and care to help you reclaim restful nights. Start sending your little one off to dreamland today with my complimentary 15-minute consultation. We'll talk about the ideas and options that are best for you and your family.

Tanya Burt, Sleep Sense Consultant

I'm a certified Sleep Sense Consultant ready to help you and your little tike. Learn the proven method that will get your child to sleep 10-13 hours per night, every night. Most clients experience relief within the first week of implementing the Sleep Sense system. Let's get you and your family some much needed rest!

Smart About Sleep Workshop

A foundational workshop designed to help you uncover the root cause of sleep struggles and enable you to help your child to sleep well.
*Private Facebook group access.

Sleep Tight All Night Programs

My signature program that teaches you how to implement a tailored sleep plan. Private membership access and community support included.
*Membership subscription included.

Sweet Sleep
Done for You

Private one-on-one personalized support for 14 days. Online consulting or I can come to you and guide you through the process.
*Membership subscription included.

From Families I've Helped...

“Rick, Jessie and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Thank you for helping us with Jessie’s sleeping problems. She now sleeps confidently in her own bed. What a gift! I don’t think you realize how life-changing this is for us as a family. We will be forever grateful to you for your help in developing our plan and your help in actually making the plan a reality. Not only are our nights better, but our days are too. Jessie is an overall much happier child! Thank you!”

—Leslie S. (mom of Jessie, 3 yrs old)